Vacation with the Magic by Dr. Thomas W. Hawksley & Associates is well recognized as a leader in providing valued concierge services to its customers.  By going above and beyond what our competitors do, we maintain our status as the go-to agency in the travel industry.   Customers from all around the world book their Disney trips, cruises, and Hawaiian vacations with us because they know they will receive certain extra benefits that are not available elsewhere.


There is a saying that the best can always be better.  For that reason we are both proud and honored to announce our partnership with Walt Disney World’s #1 private tour guide service.  The Disney Tour Company provides personalized tours of each of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks – The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.  Their founder was on the team the helped build sections of Walt Disney World.  He worked at Disney’s elite Ride & Show Engineering and has personally been involved in some facet of nearly every attraction at Walt Disney World.  There are several tour guides who can recite what book tells them about a certain ride, but it something totally different when you get the story from someone who was personally involved.


With this newly announced partnership, we are able to offer our clients a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Walt Disney World and have a personal tour guide who will help you eliminate (or at least shorten) wait times, entertain you with interesting stories and make sure that you will see and do more than you would be able to do on your own.  They can even act as your own photographer and watch your small children as you go on a thrill ride that is to scary for them (or escort your children if the ride is too scary for you).  Your guide will even get your meals for you while you are visiting a ride or attraction so that your meal will be ready for you when you return.


For more information on this service, you can either contact us or visit their site at  We do recommend, very highly, to book early if you desire this service as availability is extremely limited.