Special Needs Checklist

♿ Disabilities & Special Needs

We believe our Magic Planners are simply the best in the travel industry for planning Disney vacations with Special Needs and the cares and concerns of the Communities we represent. Each Consultant comes from a personal, professional and/or educational background of a wide array of Disabilities and Needs. We consistenly work together to share our knowledge on a daily basis so that your vacations are overseen by all of our shared experiences simultaneously and we consistently remain present in the Disney Travel Community especially as it pertains to Disabilities and Special Needs.  


Ask what service and access options are available for Guests with mobility disabilities.




Ask about Assistive Listening, Sign Language interpretation and more are available to help Guests with hearing disabilities. 



Guests with visual disabilities can maximize their enjoyment of our parks with tools that include Audio Description, Braille maps and more.


Disability Access Service is a tool provided to Guests with Cognitive and Special Needs disabilities. Ask our Magic planner for more details.


Service Animals

Disney values all  Guests with disabilities and service animals are welcomed at most locations throughout Disney destinations.


Like all US companies, our vendor's only obligation is to provide you with equal access, and many, like Disney do set the gold standard in doing that. Many companies try to emulate that.  We provide our vendors and suppliers with an overal list of your special needs and requests however in attempting to please everyone there are just some request that can not be met.  

Some example may be denying a service dog access, unable to accommodate scooters and some wheelchairs, hotels, resorts, and some sightseeing tours that are no accessible, guaranteeing that there is no cross-contamination with food allergies, providing enough access to special viewing areas for all disabled guests and watching your service dog or vaulables while you access an attraction or event.  We will be happy to ask, but ultimately your request should be reasonbable. US ADA requirement are not always met and in some cases you may find areas that are more accessible. With out worldwide contact we are able to help most guests enjoy a perfect vacation.

Our goal is to advise you on what is available to enhance your vacation experience in any way that we reasonable can. All pages in this site, including this form are secured for your protection 

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Although we don't require you to answer this section, it is helpful for us to understand your accommodation needs, especially with children and some adults.  This will help us when working with our vendors to determine what we can do to enhance your vacation.
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