In as much as we love helping plan magical vacations for individual families across the globe, we also find significant reward in using our knowledge, skills and abilities to schedule and plan larger events for those celebrating special events like weddings and family reunions.  One of the benefits that we can offer these clients is reduced per person costs.  Another is free extras that we can secure from hotels, resorts and cruise lines.


What are some examples?  Take for instance groups looking to reserve a booking on one of the many cruise ships that we represent.  Not only can you all dine together (or separately if you wish), you can reserve private conference rooms for any work related functions you may do while on board and then (depending on the size of the group) utilize a private area for your group to gather and enjoy some of the more festive events that you can partake in.  Not only that but we can secure several free Staterooms for you based on the number of bookings you make with us.


Much the same way we can benefit your group on sea, we can do similarly on dry land.  Many hotels, resorts and theme parks also offer special perks for larger groups.  We specialize in both maximizing these and also in tailoring these considerations to best meet the needs of your particular group.


If you are in the process of planning a vacation or tour for a group of any size, we would be honored if you would give us the opportunity to share with you some of the ways in which we can help make your event better.  Please contact us by submitting the information you would like us to know by clicking either the Get a Free Quote or the Contact Us link on the home page.