Free Gift

Virtually every travel site offers a free gift for their customers.  We are no different.  Many will offer a Visa gift card with the amount being based on what you purchase.  We do that too.  However we also add an extremely unique option that is available for clients who book a Vacation Package including a stay at Walt Disney World Resort.


For these special Guests, we will provide the option of exchanging the gift card for a hand delivered surprise to the children in your party.  We can make a visit to your Resort and deliver or drop off a wide array of items that will make your family vacation more special.


Does your child have a favorite Disney character?  If so, we can bring him/her a plush toy.  We can bring things like autograph books, sunglasses, or books.  We will allow you to choose what you think would be best and if at all possible, we will do the shopping in advance an bring exactly what you think would make your child happy.


Just let us know what we can do to enhance your family vacation.  We will discuss all of these options at your convenience before you arrive.